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ARC Welder is a unique software package that allows users to run standard Android-based applications directly off of their personal computer with the help of APK files. This Google Chrome extension is able to work with common third-party firms such as Instagram, so it is highly versatile. Another notable advantage is that as opposed to similar options, there are no fees required to download and activate ARC Welder.

The compatibility list gets better with every new version. It’s capable of working with Instagram, an application that allows you to upload pictures directly from your PC, which you can’t do in any other way (or at least in any other safe and secure way). Also, the application can detect and use external devices like a webcam from your PC, utilizing it as if it were a smartphone camera.

ARC Welder is a tool that can open many doors by unifying the operating systems of your desktop computer and your Android. It allows you to run applications native to Google’s operating system using the comfortable, integrated system of your navigator.

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