mySteganos Online Shield VPN 2.0.2 Full Version Downlod

Was für Ihr Smartphone oder Ihr Tablet gilt, gilt auch für Ihren Mac und Ihren Windows PC. Sobald Sie online sind, sind Ihre Daten gefährdet. mySteganos Online Shield VPN schützt Sie und Ihren Computer in öffentlichen WLANs, im Café, in der Bibliothek oder am Flughafen. Geschäftliches bleibt geheim und Privates bleibt privat. Surfen Sie sicher und anonym, wo immer Sie sind.

In some situations, certain websites might be blocked in your region and you are unable reach them using your regular IP address. This happens because your IP can also pinpoint your geographical location to the website server it is trying to reach, which can in turn deny you access if your country is not on the list of allowed regions. Steganos Online Shield can bypass this restriction and offer you full access to any web content that should be accessible to everyone.

In order to better protect your anonymity and keep you safe from packet sniffing attempts, the application encrypts your web traffic using the AES-256 bit method, which makes it exponentially more difficult for anyone to intercept and decrypt your data. The encryption also keeps your emails and instant messaging chats private, but you should avoid using personal accounts to achieve the full effect.

Hide your browser: Browser data is normally used to learn about your surfing habits, but if you activate this option, basic data like your browser version, operating system, and language will be replaced with average values, making it even more difficult to identify you individually.

You can also change your IP address to any other point on the planet in order to access any content that might be blocked in your country and avoid being located by third parties.

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