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Java 8 is a revolutionary release of the world’s #1 development platform. It includes a huge upgrade to the Java programming model and a coordinated evolution of the JVM, Java language, and libraries. Java 8 includes features for productivity, ease of use, improved polyglot programming, security and improved performance. Welcome to the latest iteration of the largest, open, standards-based, community-driven platform.

Update using Java Control Panel app

Open Control Panel and go to Java.

Now go to Update tab and click on “Update Now”.

If any new update is available, the installer will start downloading the update, it will take 1-2 minutes to complete the downloading and installing the Java update.

After installation completes, a confirmation window will say that your download is successful.

What’s new in Java 8 Update 181?

Java™ SE Development Kit 8, Update 181 (JDK 8u181)
July 17, 2018

The full version string for this update release is 1.8.0_181-b13 (where “b” means “build”). The version number is 8u181.

IANA Data 2018e
JDK 8u181 contains IANA time zone data version 2018e. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.

Security Baselines
The security baselines for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at the time of the release of JDK 8u181 are specified in the following table:

JRE Expiration Date
The JRE expires whenever a new release with security vulnerability fixes becomes available. Critical patch updates, which contain security vulnerability fixes, are announced one year in advance on Critical Patch Updates, Security Alerts and Bulletins. This JRE (version 8u181) will expire with the release of the next critical patch update scheduled for October 16, 2018.

For systems unable to reach the Oracle Servers, a secondary mechanism expires this JRE (version 8u181) on November 16, 2018. After either condition is met (new release becoming available or expiration date reached), the JRE will provide additional warnings and reminders to users to update to the newer version. For more information, see JRE Expiration Date.

Removed Features and Options
➜ Removal of Java DB
Java DB, also known as Apache Derby, has been removed in this release.

We recommend that you obtain the latest Apache Derby directly from the Apache project at:

➜ Improve LDAP support
Endpoint identification has been enabled on LDAPS connections.

To improve the robustness of LDAPS (secure LDAP over TLS ) connections, endpoint identification algorithms have been enabled by default.

Note that there may be situations where some applications that were previously able to successfully connect to an LDAPS server may no longer be able to do so. Such applications may, if they deem appropriate, disable endpoint identification using a new system property: com.sun.jndi.ldap.object.disableEndpointIdentification.

Define this system property (or set it to true) to disable endpoint identification algorithms.

Bug Fixes
The following are some of the notable bug fixes included in this release:

➜ Unable to use the JDWP API in JDK 8 to debug JDK >=9
The implementation of VirtualMachineImpl.canGetInstanceInfo() has been corrected, so it is now able to see JDK JVMs >= JDK 9.

This correction allows certain debugger agents to operate correctly without any action required from a user (developer).

Java 8 Update 181 Direct Download Links 32/64 BIT Windows 7/8/10


Download Java 8 update 181 for Windows 64-bit [69 MB]

Download Java 8 update 181 for Windows 32-bit [62 MB]


Download Java 8 update 181 for MacOS [75 MB]


Download Java 8 update 181 for Linux RPM 32-bit [65 MB]

Download Java 8 update 181 for Linux RPM 64-bit [62 MB]

Download Java 8 update 181 for Linux TAR 32-bit [81 MB]

Download Java 8 update 181 for Linux TAR 64-bit [78 MB]


Download Java 8 update 181 for Solaris SPARC x64 [53 MB]

Download Java 8 update 181 for Solaris x64 [50 MB]


Download portable version of Java


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